Testimonial Client with Depression


for Ute Hesse as kinesiological therapist

I have seen Ute as my therapist for quite a while and I deeply appreciate her work. Ute is blessed with empathy and perfect intuition. She is a good listener, asks the right questions and because of her keen mind she is a skilled and courageous therapist.  Her Communication is warm, gentle and understanding. When I first entered her treatment room I felt welcomed and safe. Ute did everything to make me feel comfortable. She took perfectly care about my needs. The environment she creates mirrors the deep and profound work she does.

She explains every step in her treatment – how and why kinesology works – ,answered my questions in a understanding and reliable way. Her know how is rich, wide spreed and blended with the right sense of humor.

Her work has my full respect and I can recommend her as a professional and brilliant therapist.


Barbara WEBER



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