Testimonial Cancer Patient

Certificate of satisfaction

I visited Mrs. Ute Hesse for Kinesiology Treatment regularly from Dec 2010 to May 2011. In this time I also had chemotherapy.

The atmosphere during treatment was a very calming, relaxing one. Mrs. Hesse took her time to talk first about the actual condition.
She didn’t talk too much during treatment as not to influence the patient and to disturb the calming atmosphere.

She was always open to explain unknown medical terms.
The treatment room was bright and friendly. Tea and water was always offered. Towels, blankets and socks were offered to make it as comfortable as possible.
I enjoyed my treatment with Mrs. Hesse and it helped a lot going through my time with chemotherapy.

I would always recommend Mrs. Hesse as a therapist.

Deidesheim, 11.08.2013

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