Kinesiology: What is it?

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology has its roots in physiotherapy and combines western medical concepts with eastern ones including the meridian system and energy centers of the body.

Our body’s condition is a result of DNA, nutrition, lifestyle, life experiences, hormonal cycles and mental states. The body can accumulated lots of waste in all forms over the years which may be the underlying cause of a number of disorders or diseases.

Headaches, fatigue, slow metabolism, indigestion, parasites, skin rashes, allergies, anxiety and other issues can be resolved through detoxing the body at all levels.

Through muscle testing the therapist can identify factors causing blockages and imbalances in the body that relate to physical, mental or emotional stress.

Kinesiology can also access the subconscious mind and have great results in treating long-term physiological and psychological conditions and imbalances that have been suppressed or hidden for years.


Discover the power of your body’s potential!



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