Fasting is the new anti-aging

What is fasting?

Fasting is a voluntary deprivation from food and stimulants for a certain period of time.

Fasting is the strongest stimulation of the human self healing mechanism at the body’s as well at our soul’s level.

The change of metabolic rate is called fasting adaptation, leading to a behavioral adaption and resulting in an „internal nutrition“ while cleansing and regenerating all body systems.

Research has shown immediate adaptation while the energy level is reduced, body temperature, heart rate and digestion safe energy while showing an almost immediate improvement of metabolic, cardiovascular and immunity rates. The extraction of body „waste“ is called „Autophagie“ while the body is providing energy from it’s own body substance.

Physical and energetic level of fasting:

  1. Slow down of aging process
  2. Improvement of age associated disease
  3. Insulin adaptation improvement
  4. Immun System improvement
  5. Keton bodies activation
  6. Waste removal of sick and used tissue ( Autophagie )
  7. DNA cellular protection
  8. All body modification
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