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• We treat each other with respect
• We accept personal boundaries
• We create trust


• We agree on goals
• We create room for change
• We assist with personal development


• We are innovative with our science
• We support health
• We promote learning


In a typical Kinesiology session, we will discuss and evaluate the personal situation and information. During the muscle-response-technique, the patient lies on a massage table, fully dressed, while various muscles and trigger points are tested to receive important information: „biofeedback“ from your central nervous system. Subconscious information of the mind can be accessed through the muscles relating to the nervous system.

Applied and effective painless and non-invasive healing methods such as acupressure points, emotional stress diffusion points, counselling and energetic pressure formats stimulate the body to release energy blockages and find homeostasis on a physiological and psychological level.

Depending on the treatment used the patient may afterwards feel empowered and energised or extremely tired and relaxed having released long term blockages. The patient may also experience a sense of extreme well-being, having resolved physical and mental issues.

Treatment (60 – 90 minutes)        CHF 138.-

Adult Package 6x                           CHF 715.-

Youth Package for Teens 6x         CHF 665.-